Simulate realistic attacks

Uncover critical vulnerabilities

Recommend tactical solutions

Educate security awareness


Pentastic is a team of professional consultants working towards proactively safeguarding client’s critical systems, networks, and data by providing security assessments, implementing solutions and promoting security awareness.

Penetration Testing

Ethical hacking is performed to exploit vulnerabilities in your systems, networks, and web applications. Systems that we test include:

Web Application

External Network

Internal Network

Wi-Fi Network

Mobile Application

Active Directory


Awareness Training

Awareness training programs are customized for your company to promote a stronger cybersecurity culture, educate your staff about security awareness and drive their behavioral change. Topics include:

Internet safety

Wi-Fi security

WFH security

Email security

Vulnerability Assessment

Automated tools are utilized to detect and identify weaknesses on your network, web servers and applications that hackers could exploit, by relying on a database of known security vulnerabilities. Types of assessment include:

External Network Scan

Internal Network Scan

Application Scan

Cybersecurity Solutions

We help protect clients from cyberattacks by proposing and implementing cybersecurity solutions. Security products include:

Next-Generation Firewall

Intrusion Detection System

Web-Application Firewall

EndPoint Protection

Virtual Private Network


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Over 20 years of professional experience covering projects from various industries, with quality accreditations.


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