Our Company

Cybersecurity risk, also a source of business risk, is getting more complex and real in today’s world, especially in an increasingly digitized place such as Hong Kong. As cybersecurity consultants, we are dedicated to supporting corporates and non-profit organizations in cultivating a stronger cybersecurity culture internally to address and mitigate the cyber risk.

Passion and Quality are the two key pillars for our company. Our name 'Pentastic' is a confluence of our core competency and passion, ‘penetration testing’.

The customers we served are from financial sector such as banks, insurance companies, asset management companies, securities companies, and outside of finance industry such as legal firm, professional association, software house and online education company etc.

Pentastic Security Limited is a category B sub-contractor under the HKSAR government OGCIO’s SOA-QPS5. We cover Security Risk Assessment and Audit Service for various government departments.

Our Expertise

We are a dedicated team of consultants with over 20 years of IT experience in various areas of expertise, working in sectors such as Technology, Banking, Telecom, Logistics, Retail, Education and SMEs.

Our expertise lies within the areas of:

- Offensive security;

- Email technology;

- Reverse engineering;

- Network configuration review and administration;

- Solutions (such as Firewall and VPN) implementation;

- Identity and Authentication;

- Tailor-made professional IT training courses;

- Web and mobile applications development;

- Provision of e-commerce, POS and HR systems;

- Data integration, data governance and protection;

- Information security compliant with international standards, policies and procedures;

- DevOps Tools, Cloud Computing, CI/CD, Kubernetes and Docker.

- Blockchain and NFT technology

Our Core Values




Lifelong Learning

Caring for our community