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Awareness Training

Why is awareness training important?


It is essential to put people at the core of cybersecurity. People is often the most important element in your company’s defense system. At the same time, it is the weakest link of a company’s IT infrastructure. Therefore it is important to raise the overall security awareness for the staff, drive their behavioral change and cultivate a better cybersecurity culture in your company.


Social engineering attack is an increasingly popular cyber attack method adopted in today’s world. According to HKCert, different types of cyber attacks in the name of COVID-19 have increased dramatically. Hackers, pretend to be official institutions, often send messages, emails and establish fake websites to attack Web users in order to steal personal data, spread malware and conduct money fraud. 


How can we help?


We can partner with you to help employees understand the role they play in combating information security breaches and raising their security awareness through a simulated phishing campaign and training sessions. We provide management with simulation result to identify the weak spot and training needs for staff.

Our Deliverables


Customized to the company's specific needs, we can provide:

  • A report to summarise the phishing campaign and the simulation result

  • Training materials and live/remote training sessions in preferred languages (Cantonese, Mandarin, English)

  • Live demonstration