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Launch of new line of service

We are glad to announce that our service offering has now expanded into providing cybersecurity solutions. While we continue to conducting assessments of your company's security posture and making recommendations to mitigate cybersecurity risk, we also create tailor-made proposals and implementation of cybersecurity solutions, to strengthen a corporate's security defence against cyberattacks.

To start with, Pentastic Security Limited is now an authorised reseller of Fortinet products. Feel free to reach out to us if you would like to know more!


Pentastic Security Limited has commenced into service beginning of September 2020.


We are proud to announce that since service commencement, Pentastic Security has successfully conducted a series of penetration testing and vulnerability assessments for corporates spanning across different areas of expertise; Legal Services, Securities and Investment Companies, Professional Consultancies, to name a few.


Deeply engraved in the roots of our company mission, we value timeliness of risk mitigation strategies with regard to cyber security awareness. Towards the end of 2020, we have provided a security awareness training, including a live demonstration of the effects of malware and ransomware on PCs for SFC licensed staff at a Securities Company. Thus, the promotion and cultivation of a cybersecurity culture at a corporate level.

We are most delightedly grateful for the trust our customers have placed in us. We look forward to continuing to serve our privileged customers with the greatest effort in the coming year of 2021. 


Wishing your New Year to be bursting with fulfilling and exciting opportunities and your families health, wealth and happiness.

Year-end review


The Cybersecurity statistics you need to know

Do you know... Globally,

Cyberattacks are ranked as the 7th most likely and 8th most impactful risk in the 2020 Global Risks Perception Survey1 and the 2nd most concerning risk for doing business globally over the next 10 years.2


In 2021, cybercrime damages might reach US$6 trillion - equivalent to the GDP of the world’s third largest economy.1

Over 80% of breaches within Hacking involve Brute force or the Use of lost or stolen credentials.3

In Hong Kong,

The number of URLs involved in phishing events rose to 2017 in 2020 Q2 from 399 in 2020 Q1.4


The number of website defacement events increased by 85% to 1062 in 2020 Q2.4

The number of botnet events reached nearly 14000 in 2020 H1.4


84% of surveyed SMEs in HK wished to receive supports when enhancing digital technology deployment in the company5 and the three most welcomed supports were suitable tool & system recommendation, security supports in corporate network, and relevant training courses.5


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